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2012 UNF National Convention

2012 UNF National Convention
Welcome To Edmonton 2012!
The Ukrainian National Federation of Canada and Affiliate Organizations will be celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the UNF of Canada at the
37th National Convention
in Edmonton, Alberta
between November 7th and 11th 2012.

The objective of the 37th convention is to build the road to the future through a celebrationof our organization’s 80 years of service to the Ukrainian-Canadian community.

Every Branch of the UNF of Canada and Affiliate Organizations is able to registers Delegates and Alternates to serve on the committees of the convention and represent their branch during convention discussions.Any member in good standing of the UNF is able to register as a guest to the convention and take part in general discussions.

For more information on the 2012 National Convention click on one of the links on the left hand side of this page.



Presented by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress - Alberta Provincial Council
in partnership with Alberta Council for the Ukrainian Arts, Friends of the Ukrainian Village Society, and Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Sunday, AUGUST 12, 2012 at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Alberta
(located 25 min or 50 km east of Edmonton on Hw 16 - three km east of Elk Island National Park in AB)

Call for Festival sponsors, in-kind sponsors and volunteers: 780.414.1624 | uccab@shaw.ca

Volunteers needed for: greeting guests, planning and supervising children's Kozak Games, 50/50 Raffle Draw ticket sales. Short shifts (2-3 hrs). Free admission and lunch provided!
When and where? Sunday, August 12, 2012, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
Interested? Call UCC-APC office 780.414.1624 or email uccab@shaw.ca

Useful links:
Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
Download the Ukrainian Village Map

Centenary Pioneer Recognition Program - for more info, please contact the Alberta-Ukraine Genealogical Project, 3rd Floor, Old St. Stephen's College, 8820-112 Street, Edmonton, AB T6G 2P8
Tel: 780-431-2324,
Fax: 780-427-0808

Malanka 2012

St. Andrew's Ukrainian Orthodox Cultural Centre Malanka 2012, Edmonton
Malanka 2012
St. Andrew's UOS Malanka 2012
Saturday, January 14, 2012
4:30 P.M. - 12:30 A.M.
Malanka, Ukrainian New Year, celebration
St. Andrew's Ukrainian Orthodox Cultural Center
9831-75 Street, Edmonton

Annual Ukrainian Days Festival

Потяг українських піонерів

Потяг українських піонерів
З нагоди 120-ї річниці появи преших українських переселенців у Канаді 24 червня 2011 р. був запущений Історичний Потяг українських піонерів, що пройшов за маршрутом Галіфакс — Монреаль — Оттава — Торонто — Вінніпег — Саскатун — Едмонтон.

веб-сторінка проекту